How Much?

givingYou’re asking the right question!

Tens of millions are wasted on fancy buildings. That kind of spending cannot be reconciled with the scriptural definitions of good and responsible stewardship, let alone the teaching of Jesus that God does not live in a stone house.  We have a few golden ideals about material gifts to the church:-

  • Avoid or minimise debt;
  • buildings must be multifunctional;
  • there is no “pledge system”;  donations and gifts are a matter of prayer;
  • no form of giving must ever hinder someone from belonging;
  • every member has access to all financial information;
  • mission spending must make a sustainable difference;
  • stewardship is also a personal spiritual discipline.


Our Banking details are:

MCSA  EAST  VIEW : BANK FNB : BRANCH 230732 : ACCT NO  621 035 38065