handsThe Protestant tradition has always and rightly emphasized the need to study the scriptures so that we can grow in grace and an understanding of our discipleship.  But equally important is the need we have to develop a deeper awareness of the presence of God in our lives.  Our spirituality is strengthened and fed when we are still before the Lord and simply learn to listen and let Him work with us in a deep way.  We have perhaps neglected other devotional tools or opportunities that help us.  Many Protestants and certainly Methodists are not accustomed to using retreats.  There is a real need to create this opportunity for people to spend time with God away from the noise and stress of daily life. 

Learning to pray in a listening way with  meditation and contemplation are some of the tools for Spiritual Formation. The basic tools used are scriptures, prayer, meditation, contemplation, silence, journaling, reflection and the gift of a tranquil and devotional atmosphere. We give each other devotional space.  Retreat is uninterrupted time with the Lord.

A retreat is not like a camp or seminar.  The only input that you should be given is an explanation of some principles which will make your spiritual exercises clearer.  You use a lot of uninterrupted time to journey with the Spirit and listen to what He is saying to you.  There may be one or two sessions which break away from this but they are not the rule.   Retreats should not be less than one day.  This is a good introduction to longer retreats.

Put your name on the request list for a ONE DAY OR LONGER  retreat by phoning Lesley on 082 776 5564 or 012 348 8661 (after hours).  If we do not have enough numbers then we will endeavour to link you with other retreats.  Retreats will be advertised on our EVENTS page.