Light Up Your World

November 19, 2014





In Matthew 5:14 Jesus said ‘You are the light of the World’.

You are called to be a Christ Light

And I mean really called, in a special way, in the sense that you are chosen.

If we ever host the Olympic Games, we would need to do some careful planning.  One of the traditional events building up to the climax of the Games, is the sending of the Olympic Torch through the participating countries around the world.  I love watching news flashes which show the runners bearing the Olympic torch from city to city.  The anticipation builds up as that torch comes closer and closer to our city where the Olympic flame will be lit.  Those Olympic torch bearers are specially chosen from among the Idols of the athletic world.  In the same way you are specially chosen to be the torch bearer for Christ.

Can you remember who gave you the light of Christ?  Who handed over the torch to you?  Was it a friend or a parent?  Was it a Sunday school teacher or a Priest?  Perhaps you had a special word from a stranger in a moment of darkness.  Or perhaps it came from the Word itself.  John Bunyan was converted in prison through the Word that he read that brought him the Light of Christ.

And to whom will you pass the light of Christ?  Will you be a torch bearer to a friend?  And what about your children?  Who is going to pass the light onto them? And what about that person at work who is having a hard time?  Have they been in your thoughts and have they weighed on your conscience?  Is it possible that the Holy Spirit is nudging you to pass on the flame of the love of Jesus?

Bible References

  • Matthew 5:14