Who We Are

campus-eastviewThe story of East View  Methodist Church began with a vision that a future church could be planted in the undeveloped EAST of Pretoria city.   This led to the purchase of eight hectares of land made possible through funding by the Glen Methodist Society, donations and the sale of thousands of pancakes!  It is a story of inspired vision and perseverance by devoted men and women who were single-minded about  tangibly extending Christian community.

When you visit East View you will be in largely undeveloped countryside.  Don’t expect the buildings of Mega churches!  The small hall has a capacity at present of about 110 with a chapel atmosphere.  What you can expect is a warm welcome by folk with a deep desire to offer a place where you can belong.   We sing both hymns and spiritual songs and expect the sermon to bring us closer to God. There is ministry to individual needs and tea and friendship after the service. 

We are a founding community on a journey.   The responsibility of being good stewards of the land will be honoured when one day all our children can stand on the site and say “Look what they built for Our children!”   We are excited about the potential. We are excited about the future. We feel deeply privileged to be on this journey.  We ask you to bless the unfolding vision with your prayer for humility and wisdom that hears the guidance of the Holy Spirit.