Why is Jesus interested in me?


You’ve asked an amazing question especially in a world that is starving for love and care.  Another way of asking the question is ‘Do I have ultimate worth or meaning’.

If I look for a sense of worth purely from the job that I do, or the circle of friends that I have, then I am on shaky ground.  I want my worth to be a constant and not dependent on people and circumstances that could change.

The power of God’s word is that God’s attitude towards you does not change.  He desires you and seeks you and unites you to Himself.  His love for you is expressed in a deliberate act that pursues you in the person of Jesus.  God reveals Himself in Jesus as the Supreme Love with which you are desired.  From the beginning this is how He has seen you and it is not going to change.

Perhaps it is a total mystery as to why God really wants you and me in a permanent companionship with Him.  Perhaps in this life a Love that is so great will never really make sense to us.  What we cannot avoid is the way in which He persistently keeps on loving us.  Jesus teaches that  persistent Love of the Father in the story of the Prodigal.  The child came home to unconditional acceptance that had never wavered.   That persistence holds the message that says “you matter to me because there is nothing more precious to me than you”.

So you may not hear a clear cut little piece of logic that answers Why He is interested.  What you will hear is a persistent voice calling your name.

Is it time for you to let Him love you?  We invite you to say this prayer:-


Lord Jesus Christ,
I cannot fathom why you love me.
Forgive me for ignoring and sidestepping
your constant call to me.
I want to be your precious child.
I open my heart and life to you.
Rule me and be my King forever
and by your Holy Spirit use me from now on
to build your kingdom of Love.
I’m calling on your name, Jesus.
Jesus !
You are my Lord.
My Jesus…

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