Dear Family and Friends of Eastview

I greet you in the loving name of our Lord. January is well on its way, but our New Year celebrations have certainly been subdued. Both the Christmas and New Year Festive Seasons have been very, very different this year. Many folk have not even been able to connect with loved ones, even though it is traditionally a time for family and friends to gather.

With Christmas behind us, I posted a devotional video entitled “Don’t forget Christmas”, I trust that you will enjoy it and also a second video which is a short devotional on the name of Jesus.

What can we cling to as we enter the New Year? Friends and Colleagues often encourage each other with clichés like “hang in there” and “vasbyt”. I want you to cling to something much deeper. Here are some words from Psalm 119. I am extracting portions from verses 89 to 112

“eternal is Thy word, Oh Lord, planted firm in Heaven”

“oh how I love Thy Lord, it is my study all day long”

‘thy word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light on my path”

“I am resolved to fulfil Thy laws: they are a reward that never fails”

These are just extracted verses, and you may enjoy the passage in Psalm 119 v 89 to 112 in your devotions.

Turning to God’s word every day like the Psalmist, is a food and a strength that this world cannot give. Faithfully spending time on His word will reward you with insight, comfort and wisdom.

And we pray for each other. My prayer encounters over the phone have been with folk who need strength through some difficult experiences. Children have emigrated and Covid has prevented a proper farewell. Family members have contracted Covid and loved ones have experienced fear and helplessness, especially when you are not allowed to visit that person. Some have lost a friend. Some have lost a work colleague. In fact, the Covid experience seems to make relationships so much more precious. When you lose a colleague after sharing work for 30 years it is like losing a brother or sister.

May God’s spirit bring a word to each one of you that comforts and heals your feelings and your faith.


Your Leaders at Eastview all greet you and thank you for your faithfulness in helping to keep the coals of Eastview glowing. Thank you for gifts received and prayer and care offered to each other. We would like to report that from the Offertory at our Christmas service we are able to donate R3000 to the Methodist Homes for Children. Pray for those who care for our children in our orphanages. Their ministry is to be mothers and fathers to children who would otherwise be abandoned and homeless. For that ministry they need every strength that God’s Spirit and His people can give them. They are in fact front-line workers who see to a child’s every need.


With regard to the church grounds and garden maintenance, Vanessa and Herman continue to make a contribution. We are grateful to them because under these conditions an established garden can be neglected and lost in a very short space of time. Herman has suggested that a portion be developed as a Cycad garden. If there are any donations of large cycads, please contact Herman. Bugweed needs to be removed and when future funds allow we will reduce the Bluegum trees. They drain vast quantities of underground water. You are invited to join our gardening committee. You may contact Vanessa on cell: 083 206 6282 or Herman on cell: 072 269 3271.


In the near future we must spring-clean the Chapel and the admin/classroom block. This will include the disposal of redundant items that have been collected on the premises. That means a hands-on work party. There is no date, but if you are willing please let me know by email or phone.


I shall continue to post articles and sermons on the You Tube channel.

On Sunday 31st January 2021, I will conduct the live service from the Glen Methodist Church at 09h00. I will arrange for that service to also be published on the You tube channel.

The channel is RevPaulBester-YouTube.

Live services continue from the Glen every Sunday on Facebook – The Glen Methodist Church.


Telephone Counselling is a great privilege. It reminds me of my years of involvement with Life Line.

All such counselling is a privilege and of course sacred and confidential. The ministry of Jeff and Maureen Wolfson is also available to you on cell: 082 492 2548.


My dear friends Covid fatigue happens very easily. It is not easy to maintain the precautions of masks and distance. But be more vigilant please. You are precious and so protect yourself as much as possible.

May you know the embrace of the Lord’s arms around you.

Love and Shalom