Put your trust in The Lightthat you may become sons and daughters of Light

12 February 2021

Dear Family and Friends of Eastview

The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday. I shall hold a service at the Eastview Chapel at 18h00. The service will be about 40 minutes. If you are able to attend, please phone and book with:

Gill – Cell: 082 417 6562 or send her a whatsapp message with your name and number attending.

If the number attending exceeds 50, then Gill will book you for a repeat of the service at 19h00.

If you are unable to attend, I have designed a home service for you, which will be exactly what will be held in the Chapel.

Attached is an explanation of how to prepare for your home service and the service itself printed in full detail.

It is my prayer that this will help those who cannot come to the chapel, to feel part of the community. You are not alone. Our Spirits are joined together in worship and love for one another.

Peace to you all.