Dear Eastview Family and Friends

The Grace of our Lord be with you all.

The service on Sunday 25 April 2021 is at 09h00. The theme is on the Priesthood of Jesus.

Next Sunday 2nd May 2021, we have a guest preacher. He is Lionel Naude from our Glen Society. Lionel is looking forward to sharing the Word with you. I know you will make him feel very welcome and be blessed by his ministry. 

Our communion service for the month of May has been moved to Sunday 9 May 2021.

And now an appeal for our outreach to children: 

Over the next 3 Sundays we all have the opportunity to bring our contributions towards the needs of children under the auspices of Child Welfare and babies rescued by our adopted outreach organisation called Doves Nest. Wilma Cloete will be handling the distribution and has submitted the following list for our guidance:

Baby Milk: Lactogen 1 and 2, Nan 1 and 2

Baby Cereals: Nestum, Cerelac or Purity

Purity Fruit: Fruit for all ages

Nappies: Pampers, Huggies or Cuddlers – Sizes 3 and 4

Blankets, toys, clothing: we have some knitted blankets and toys, but if you have any children’s clothing and/or blankets, these will be a great help for the coming winter.

Tinned and non-perishable groceries for the workers at Doves Nest.

We can bring our donations to the church over the next 3 Sundays. Please place your donated items in the boxes in the front right corner under the screen. These items will be dedicated at our communion service on the 9 May and then handed over for distribution.

Thank you everybody, every little gift is an expression of God’s Love. Grace to you all.