Dear Eastview Family and Friends

This Sunday’s service – 9 May 2021 will be a Communion service.

We are extending the opportunity for donations to Doves Nest and Child Welfare for one more week. You are welcome to bring your gifts this Sunday 9th and next Sunday 16th. On Sunday 16th we will dedicate the gifts and hand them over to Wilma Cloete for distribution.

Below is a list of items needed:

Baby Milk: Lactogen 1 and 2, Nan 1 and 2

Baby Cereals: Nestum, Cerelac or Purity

Purity Fruit: Fruit for all ages

Nappies: Pampers, Huggies or Cuddlers – Sizes 3 and 4

Blankets, toys, clothing, scarves, gloves, beanies

Tinned and non perishable foods for helpers at Doves Nest

Sunday is also Mother’s Day. Here is a prayer by someone called Maretha. I am sharing it with all our ladies, although I am sure that the men will enjoy it as well.

Grace to you All,



In You, Lord Jesus, I have found perfect love. Deep in the night I am aware of You. In my thoughts I speak to You, freely and without fear, You who first loved me (see 1 John 4:18-19). You are my sinless, eternal Beloved, bread of Life to me, Vine of this shoot, my Way, my Truth and my Life, the Fountain that springs in me and quenches my thirst forever.

Lord Jesus, I have no one else like You. There is no god in the realm of gods who reaches out so passionately, no divinity as divine and as joyous and merciful as You. There is no being in the universe that is less myth and more human, more god than You; no human in whom the light shines, burns, calls like the light that is in You.

I adore You. O Jesus, take my love for You and Multiply it a thousandfold.